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Paul Wilken

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  • APRN (Nurse Practitioner)

  • RN (Registered Nurse)

  • University of Nebraska Medical Center

  • Paul M. Wilken is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with over 15 years of experience in nursing. He graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center at the top of his class and continues to teach the next generation of Nurse Practitioner students.

  • Paul works with patients throughout the lifespan (6years and older) and has been seeing patients with severe and persistent mental illness for the last several years.

  • His primary role is medication management but he cannot overstate the importance of therapy.  Paul considers listening, asking honest questions, empathy, and developing SMART goals to be the most fundamental skills in psychiatry.

  • As a medical provider, Paul sees himself as a teammate to his clients.  He is eager to collaborate with their therapists, family doctors, and social support system when appropriate.

  • Paul describes his prescribing style as “by the book” and he is very conservative when it comes to controlled substances.  He always takes a holistic approach and makes a great effort to meet the patient where they are in life.

  • Paul's training includes (but is not limited to) disorders of sleep, mood, anxiety, depression, psychosis, trauma, attention, addiction, movement, personality, cognition, eating, development, and behavior.

  • In addition to medication management, Paul offers brief therapy, coaching, weight management, and long-acting injectable medications.

  • 6 years and older

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