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  • Licenses: APRN, RN

  • Education: Walden University, Minneapolis, MN

  • Experience: 30 years in nursing 

  • Specialties:  Psychiatric - Mental health nurse practitioner

For Sherri Taylor 

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For Sherri Taylor telehealth clients

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  • Licenses: APRN, RN

  • Education: University of Nebraska Medical Center

  • Experience: 15 years in nursing 

  • Specialties:  Primary role is providing medication management but he cannot overstate the importance of therapy

Questions about medical records, scheduling or administrative questions?

For Paul Wilken 

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For Paul Wilken telehealth clients


  • Licenses: PhD, Clinical Psychologist

  • Education: University of Tulsa 

  • Experience: 23 years 

  • Specialties: Psychotherapy for Adults and Older Adolescents; Psychological Evaluations informing medical or legal decisions

"Everything could also be quite different"

  • Licenses: PhD, Clinical Psychologist

  • Education: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Experience: 18+ years

  • Special training: 

  • Specialties: 


  • Licenses: LICSW, LIMHP

  • Education: Masters Degree in Social Work

  • Experience: 20 years in private practice

  • Special training: EMDR 

  • Specialties: Trauma, PTSD, Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction

"I look forward to your recovery!"

  • Licenses: LIMHP, LADC

  • Education: Masters Degree in Counseling

  • Experience: 14+ years

  • Special training: DBT, Motivational interviewing

  • Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Substance abuse, Anger management, Domestic violence

  • Licenses: LICSW, LIMHP

  • Education: University of Nebraska-Omaha

  • Experience: 26 years

  • Special training: EMDR, Level II Gottman Trained Couple's Therapist 

  • Specialties: Trauma, Military families,      Couple's counseling, Anxiety, Depression

"One would not wait for a leaky pipe to flood the basement before giving it attention and repair"

  • Licenses: LISW, LIMHP

  • Education: Masters Degree in Social Work

  • Experience: 40+ years

  • Special training: EMDR, Parenting/Step-Parenting

  • Specialties: Parenting/Step-Parenting, Divorce

  • Licenses: LIMHP

  • Education: Masters Degree of Counseling

  • Experience: 30+ years

  • Special training: EMDR (Level II), DBT

  • Specialties: Personality Disorders, Anxiety/Depression

  • Licenses: LMHP

  • Education: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Experience: 32+ years

  • Special training: EMDR, Level II 

  • Specialties: Play therapy specialist – work with children as young as 5; Teenagers

  • Licenses: LIMHP, LADC

  • Education: Master of Science in Counseling

  • Experience: 13 years

  • Special training: EMDR, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy

  • Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Interpersonal Relationships, Substance Abuse

  • Licenses: LISW, LIMHP

  • Education: University of Nebraska-Omaha

  • Experience: 30+ years

  • Special training: EMDR, Brain Spotting

  • Specialties: Trauma

  • Licenses: Dog 

  • Experience: 3 years

  • Special training: AKC Canine Good Citizen 

  • Specialties: Cuddling, Offering himself up for petting, belly rugs, flattery (who is a good boy?)

"When in doubt, pet the dog!"

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